ITE – External Campaign

About This Project

– Project Requirement
Conceptualise and design a marketing campaign comprises mainly outdoor display media to encapsulate the RIGHT values and attitude, and place emphasis on making the RIGHT choice with the College.
– Project Objective
The campaign has to clearly articulate the following in a unique and fresh perspective, and should reach out to and connect with the College’s target audience of current and prospective students. The visual tonality of the overall design should be youthful, vibrant and visually impactful, in order to attract and convey the messaging positively.
– Project Highlight
The design concept is able to present a hi-tech tonality with a scholarly charm to reiterate the College’s holistic training approach to providing not only a conducive learning environment but also the values of a proactive learning attitude of the pursuit of excellence. The design approach is young, vibrant and full of imagination and possibilities to help project ITE College Central as a proactive institution that provide the Right environment and the Right values to help our youngers pursuit their dreams.